Our AdWords management team has 15+ years of experience in Google PPC. We know how to get the best conversion rates for the least amount of money. We are focused on quality of clicks over quantity to ensure the highest ROI for the least amount of spend. Silva Marketing Corporation helps companies by setting up and managing optimized PPC campaigns that are cost-effective and reach your objectives.

White Glove Service
No Annual Contracts
100% Customized to Your Business
No More Cookie Cutter Programs
Comprehensive, Live Reports
Local Customer Service
Exact Match Keywords for PPC
Direct Access to our Sr. PPC manager

Sophisticated Bid Management

Unlike most companies we take the time to do exact match keywords instead of broad match so you get more bang for your buck. Our technology uses sophisticated bid management strategies to insure that your ad appears in the right position at the right time for each and every search. Your ads will appear at the top of the search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Daily Bid Optimization

Different keywords convert, well, differently. That is why it is critical that bids are constantly adjusted on all the search engines to insure the right placement at the right time. Time of day, keyword conversion rate, click thru rate, these all impact your ROI. We adjust bids daily based on factors that drive business, insuring maximum ROI.

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ROI Transparency

How do you know if your PPC advertising is working? With our advanced technology and reporting, all conversions (leads) are tied back to the keyword that generated those leads. ROI transparency, reporting daily, is critical. You will always know your return from your PPC ads


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