Our Geofencing works within 15 feet of the property line. Your ads will be served to the right person, at the right time, in the right geography using behavior, demographics and location. We can serve unique ads to unique individuals by age, income, geography, behavior, gender, liquidity and interests.

We also use GeoCookie technology to accomplish advertising goals. GeoCookies are a sophisticated advertising technology that uses the historical location of smartphones. GeoCookies are the historical location data of a device that may be days, months, or even years old. GeoCookie technology is an excellent tool that can help businesses advertise to people who gathered at a certain location in the past.

Most Affordable Cost Available!


Our Geofencing is one of the most affordable solutions available! We offer the cheapest Geofencing pricing in the Denver market. Our pricing is an average of 41% lower than all of our major competitors. Our pricing also includes one ad in 5 different sizes for free!

Audience Exposure to Mobile Campaigns

lift in-store visits

Audience Visits to Store Location


Measurement based on our 1T+ data points from 45MM+ active users, with 200B new data points & millions of new devices added monthly.

Proprietary technology platform that delivers the industry’s highest level of accuracy & precision in physical world data.


Location-Based Advertising tells us as much about who companies are, on and offline, by the demographics of the people that visit them, as it does to tell a story about who you are.

By tracking where potential customers go, what the do, buy, etc., online and offline, Silva Marketing is able to capture 3 key factors, context, home association and offline data, to build a custom audience for our advertisers.

Ads with Real-Time Relevancy
Once Silva Marketing has determined a target demographic/ audience, we can track and analyze their behaviors in real- time (where the go, shop, do) and as a result, deliver to them relevant, real-time ads to their mobile device.


Device context, location and behavioral patterns help us build a mobile behavior profile

Home association

Device observation allows for identifcation of home association for 85% of all households worldwide

offline data

Home association + 3rd party data sets provide behavioral insights

Scenario One

  • A woman goes into a motorcycle service shop to service her motorcycle
  • A competitor motorcycle service shops ads then appears on her phone
  • The competitor motorcycle service shops ad continues to appear on her phone over the next several month
  • The woman calls the competitor to compare pricing for her next service appointment

Scenario Two

  • Motorcyclists have to replace tires often
  • A motorcycle shop provides a list of all their current clients. We target their home address and show promotional display ads for tires over several months. Just like direct mail, but at 1/10th of the cost.
  • The current client calls to have their tires replaced

    Scenario THREE

    • The Colorado Motorcycle Expo is held in Denver, Colorado
    • A motorcycle shop is able to show ads for service, sales, tires, etc. to people who visit the expo because their mobile phones registered at that location. Or, they chose to show ads to anyone who visit the prior expo (up to 12 months in the past)
    • Visitors of the Expo call/visit the the motorcycle shop to schedule service or inquire about products


    A predefined area around a specific location. Ads are only served to consumers inside the fence.


    Deliver ads to consumers that have frequented specific locations in the past. Real-world retargeting based on actual behavior.


    Deliver ads to consumers based on real world data such as demographics


    Deliver ads to consumers based on real world historical data within the past 12 months


    Deliver Rich Media/Video ads to consumers based on a specific location.


    Location is the new
    ‘data set’
    Single most important targetable signal

    Real-world signals tells us about the consumer

    Location is the cookie for 93% of sales
    Location data delivers better advertising for business, large and small



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